Weekly Check-In At WIBC 93.1 FM

Tuesday mornings at 7:45 a.m. has become a time to report in to the local Indianapolis radio station on what is happening with me and the Foreign Accent Syndrome. This is a time when I pray that God will use me to reach out to the community with what I am learning through this trial. It is a time to reflect and communicate on how people talk to one another. Since communication is one of my greatest passions, I see this as an opportunity and am thankful for the chance to bring some insight as I am going through it.

I do get a lot of compliments on my good attitude as I go through the frustration and predictable concerns of any person going through an unpredictable dilemma. Again, opportunity through the trial, as I am allowed to come back to the fact that even though I do know what is happening . . . God does!!! And there is the source of my peace. Not once is God surprised by what is happening.

Here are the two audiio files for you that can listen to them… the first one in particular is quite small as it is just a teaser.


Then Terri and Jaimie do the actual segment with me at the link below.


The general contents of this weeks report were about

What accent would you like to speak with if you could choose? How long has it been and what have they done for you? How do you react when people keep asking where you are from? What about speech therapy? It is very rare and research and hard to learn about. Will your original voice come back? How people can think or do to people with FAS that are so cruel. Are there any good things as a result of talking with an accent? Do people treat you differently? Mentioning of teaching 4-H dog club. Terri announced my website (this one) Ellen5e.com so that people can keep up and comment themselves.

Just before signing off of this broadcast the producer Dan recorded me saying the following sentence: “The rain in Spain falls mainly on the plain.”  They are going to compare me saying this sentence from week to week to see if the accent starts to change back.

They ended the broadcast by playing the Swedish national anthem saying that they may use that in future when I am coming on. However, I do not think that is such a good idea. I do NOT want true Swedes to be offended and as I said in today’s broadcast… though much of my word pronunciations take on a Swedish strong “oo”s and “u”s; it is NOT a true Swedish dialect.  So I will be thinking of a different theme song for the segment… do YOU have any good ideas?

As always I appreciate your reading this and sharing any information that YOU may have about this incredibly rare and troubling medical condition called Foreign Accent Syndrome.

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