What’s an IQ?

Today I was cleaning out e-mail, linked to a site and took an online IQ test. Most of the questions were sequence related (some of the number sequences were difficult). I always enjoy the graphic sequences and suspect I did best on those and word grouping/meanings.

The final goal of this so-called free IQ test was to try and get me to check out some offers. Thanks, but no thanks. Just pressed the skip and navigated right out of there.

Final Score? According to this thing, my IQ is 140.

What exactly does that mean anyway? Is that good or bad, average or what?
Well, according to the afreeIQTest.com website a score of 140 is in the “superior intellegence” and just about in the range of “MENSA would like to speak to you”. Yeah, right.

Anyone that knows me is probably laughing quite heartily now. Me too.

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