WIBC Interview 090728

Today I was given a surprise phone call by producer Dan at the 93.1 FM WIBC,Radio Waves images asking if Terri and Joe of the morning team could have me on this morning for a brief interview/ check-in.  It has been three weeks since I was on the program and I have had a lot of people asking about why I wasn’t on the radio. I told them I don’t think it is “news”, but it is fascinating. So when I received the phone call, I readily agreed. Plus I just love Terri Lynn Stacey and Big Joe Stayzniak. They are two of my favorite people.

Here is the interview: 09-0728-WIBC-no07-sm

Basically they recapped a bit for those who had never heard me speak on the radio before and also talked a bit about the brown recluse spider bite I received recently. The funniest part of the interview was the very beginnning before I was even put on live with them. Joe was frantically trying to put back together Terri’s microphone which had a missing screw. I was cracking up!! Terri had a screw loose. Imagine?!

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