DTragedy, Comedy, Blessing?

My o my…what an ordeal!!!

Yesterday my husband’s father suddenly passed away and he’s out of town with our one vehicle, so naturally I had an unexpected severe problem with my right leg that’s been casted for ten days due to ligament being torn from heel. The severe pain felt like fire and robbed me of sleep while I endured to call doctor in the morning.

Once the nurse returned my call in the morning, I called for Uber (like cab service) to get to specialist by 1:30. But I had a horrible time arranging the transportation.

Had to scan my card into Uber app to pay and ….sorry…you have a problem! Basically my bank card doesn’t work with Apple Pay which is what Uber requires (or PayPal) I called my bank & they said we are working on it but that’s correct no way to use my bank card to pay.   So I counted the cash I had on hand $14 and estimated fare was $18 ūüôĀ

 I would just call Uber. No such luck… number hard to find and phone tree even harder to use. So I used Help link but sending that email I knew  it may take too long to get response …AND TIME WAS TICKING. I simply cannot stand this another day.

Desperate I texted a friend who works for Uber..HELP! What can I do? She was on the way!! Praise God!

  She drove me to doc, & I called doctor’s office to let them know we would be about 10 min late as I stopped at ATM machine to pay for uber. I got out my wallet on way to ATM to pull out my card… WHERE’s my card? The slot in my wallet was empty!!

  Horrified, I remembered I took it out on the table AT HOME to scan it for Uber order and it didn’t get returned to my wallet.

  Ok. #Think.  I’ll have to go into the bank (a different company than my own) and showing my ID try to get them to process some money for me maybe using the card info I do know.  

  Walking in the door, I saw 2 tellers and ten people in line ūüôĀ THIS ISN’t happening!!

I returned to my Uber driver friend and explained my dilemma. I gave her all the money I had. My doctor’s office was a cross the road from this bank. She would drop me off, go to the fast food place and get herself something to eat while I was at my dr. appt and maybe get another Uber fare, then I’d call when doctor was done with me. She’d take me home to get my debit card, go to ATM and pay her & finally take me home.

Not ideal, but it’ll work.

I was so upset & she was so compassionate! “You are not yourself. You are upset by the sudden passing of your father-in-law, surprised by a sudden, pain & hustling to get transportation to get to doctor. It’ll be okay.”

“I know, but this is not right. I should have money ready for you,” I replied. “I don’t do things like this!”

She responded with how she was thankful for the work as she had been sick and so desperately needs the money because of lost income when not able to work. So my fare is a godsend. We will settle when I go home to get card and go for cash.

Foot specialist cut off cast, examined my foot and determined it was pressure of the cast causing my level 10 pain. It’s too soon for another anti-inflammatory injection. So new cast for two more weeks and she’ll call in Prednisone tablets to help reduce swelling.

“Okay,” I thought,”I can grab my card from home Uber drives me to the Kroger to pick up the RX and write the payment for $50 over which will allow me to pay Uber friend.”

BUT my card was hiding from me at home & my driver friend needed to go ASAP to another appointment.  I’ll just use the checkbook at Kroger And write over to pay her.

NOT SO FAST!   At Kroger, I was told they’d only allow checks with $20 over amount…instead of the up to $100 they used to allow. Give me a break. Alright, picked up a two-L cola and wrote check $20 over the 1.79 amount.

Now what?? You guessed it. The check wouldn’t process. What??! Teller said it had been so long since I had written them a check I would need to reesrablish credit w them. Teller said I need to write some checks with them to rebuild my credit standing(?) She ran the check for amount only and …wallah …I had some cola but not the money I really needed to get my meds and $ for uber driver.

This is NUTS!! Hundreds of dollars in the bank and I cannot pay my driver or get medicine…really?

Upset I go into back seat of Uber car and tell my waiting Uber driver, let’s go to a bank…any bank…I just wanna get money to pay you and go home.

The first bank we went to just happened to be same bank as my driver has an account… so bright Idea: I wrote check to her and she deposited it into her bank account. I didn’t have to pay out of network bank charge and friend got her money directly into her bank.

Can you believe it?!! 

Very valuable lesson. Set up a PayPal acct w enough funds for Tavel to pay for uber rides in the future and CASH. No less than $40 in my wallet from now on. $100 kept somewhere at home would be a good idea too.

FINALLY on my way home…My driver and I laughed at how the Lord used my misfortunes to get her some much needed income as she’s just recovering from flu and money flow dip that she was literally praying to God for ” a way when there seems to be no way.”

And she showed grace toward me as we encountered one hurdle after another. Together we overcame with the perspective of knowing that “it WILL all work out”. And boy o boy did we laugh at the comedy of errors. You just can’t make this stuff up. 

If it’s true that laughter is good medicine as the Good Book says, then she should be over her flu immediately and my pain is soon to subside. Lol.

For now, I am so happy to be back home with my newly casted foot high in the air and the promise of a very good night’s sleep forthcoming.

As exhausting and troublesome all of this fiasco was, I am sincere in saying “it could’ve been worse.”…. I think. ????????

Now. How was your day?

Perseverance Over Opposition

Opposition is expected from the enemy. Sword of Truth -- be ready!
Opposition is expected from the enemy. Sword of Truth — be ready!

At this time in our world the daily news reports are√ā¬†predominantly more bad news than good. The disregard for fellow human beings has superseded even basic√ā¬†consideration of√ā¬†others and “loving others as yourself”. In secular society the “Golden Rule” seemingly has been replaced with “MY way or the highway.”

It is terribly sad, but what if I told you… it’s NOT surprising.

Why is it that people√ā¬†(who endeavor to live ethically, morally as Christ did), are√ā¬†“shocked” when people who have not yet acknowledged God and His Sovereign Lordship? They do not fear God’s promise of just punishment for every sinful thought, word and deed. Why is it so shocking that the unprincipled people would live unrighteously?

That’s right, God has revealed in His Word and through recorded events throughout history, the curse of sin that plagues our world since the Fall continues to degrade our societies into not-so-civil civilizations. That same “cause” is at work today! The blame does not fall on guns, knives, drugs, or terroristic gangs of people. The root of our problem is SIN. That is truly something that we ALL share; each and every one of us cannot help but commit sin in our natural life. Transgressions are unavoidable. What we do about them is the decision that will either bring us everlasting peace or continuing turmoil.

I have not only heard growing severity and numbers of reports from other people about the encroachment of evil opposition into their√ā¬†daily lives, √ā¬†but lately I have experienced personal attacks that leave me shaking my head in disbelief at what I am witnessing first-hand.

Given recent developments, I even more appreciate the wisdom of the leadership and pastors at our church in selecting the current series of messages in the Bible’s book of Nehemiah and Ezra which focus on our need to think differently about our mission in reaching a lost world with the message of salvation which is for all mankind… the Gospel of Jesus Christ. God does punish sin, but He SAVES sinners that genuinely seek His righteousness. Get that? It is Jesus’ righteousness (we could NEVER accomplish it on our own), but it is offered to ANYONE who will believe. How awesome is that!

.Today’s message was delivered√ā¬†by Curt Tyra and was entitled “Advancing God’s Work in an Antagonistic World”. He covered both chapters three and four of the book of Nehemiah in the Bible’s Old Testament.

Nehemiah Chapter Three — EVERY INDIVIDUAL MATTERS.

Did you ever notice how many times there are all these near unpronounceable names in the Old Testament? Why not just say “a bunch of people got together and this is what they did”? √ā¬†I had thought it was because by recording actual√ā¬†names and lineages, individuals could be identified√ā¬†by their neighbors of the time and also be researched throughout history. Their individual testimonies and actions could be studied, challenged, and/or verified. Their witness mattered more because they were “named” individuals.

Curt stressed, “Names Matter: Individuals Matter!” There are individuals who were used by God and their participation mattered.√ā¬†Look at that participation:

  • Individuals of all kinds of people: one task, yet various skill sets, ages, societal status
  • Corporately working together: the phrase “next to him” pointed out the teamwork of the project and that they were a bunch of individuals that were “all in it together”.
    • Communication is VITAL. Whether it is a√ā¬†white picket fence or a stone wall√ā¬†we√ā¬†NEED to know the plan and be working together toward the same end.
  • Enthusiastic participation – they “set to work”. Didn’t just talk about it… they rolled up their sleeves and got things done.
  • Not always unanimous – even amongst their ranks, people didn’t always agree. The nobles would NOT stoop to chip in; they would not humble themselves to do the work of the Lord.
    • NOTE: The people did not stop progressing forward. They didn’t say “if they don’t work, then neither will I”. They persevered and continues the work!

Nehemiah Chapter Four —√ā¬†Persevering Over Opposition

The Enemy√ā¬†has a predictable and often repeatable pattern in of opposing us when we are working God’s plan.

  • ANGER – (4:1,7) as long as we are just talking about what we want to do, the enemy leaves us alone, but the moment we actually move into action the enemy unleashes his anger toward us. Being sucked into a battle of emotions (very primal, fleshly, “natural”) could stop progress.
  • JEERING – (4:1-3) the enemies anger will quickly turn into jeering and taunting. This is designed to cast doubt on our own contributions to the good mission. The Enemy says “who do you think YOU are? You CAN’T do that?!”

When neither the enemy’s anger nor taunting stopped their work, he involved others in his plan to thwart the mission…

  • PLOTTING — (4:8) How evil can someone√ā¬†get? Intentionally lying and acting in such ways as to do harm to others is bad enough, but to enlist the support of others via misleading them is especially heinous. As we get serious about actually doing the work of God, the enemy will gather others together to conspire and plot and CAUSE CONFUSION.
    • NOTE: remember that God is not a God of confusion… that is Enemy territory. That is the direct result of what happens when one does contrary to God’s sovereignty and best for us.
  • THREATS — (4:11) √ā¬†Personal threats are a drastic attempt at the enemy to stop us from doing what we know to be right. The Enemy likes to use FEAR along with his lies to try to deter us from getting the job done. God’s Word says “Perfect Love casts out fear”… Jesus is that perfect love. As children of God, ours is not a spirit of fear. Rather, we have been given all we need to overcome; “victory in Jesus”.

OUR RESPONSE TO OPPOSITION:√ā¬†“The people of God persevere in the work of God for the glory of God.”

  • PRAY — (4:4, 5, 9) Look at Nehemiah’s prayer to God:√ā¬†“Hear, O our God, how we are despised! Return their reproach on their own heads and give them up for plunder in a land of captivity. 5√ā¬†Do not√ā¬†forgive their iniquity and let not their sin be blotted out before You, for they have demoralized the builders.” √ā¬†Prayers of confessing our√ā¬†dependence upon God and that we may have His perspective. Not a call for personal vengeance, but for God’s perfect plan. Things like Jesus’ model prayer for us “THY kingdom come”.
  • REMEMBER — WHO God is. Is. 46:9 “I AM God and there is no other.” God is ours and we are His. No enemy is greater than He. “If God be for us, who can stand against us.?” The fear intended by the enemy can be overcome when we remember that GOD is in control, especially when we are feeling so “out of control”
  • PLAN — (4:13, 16-22) There were NOT unaware of the enemy’s scheme and plan accordingly. They continued the work by working together to protect AND work… a sword in one hand and a trowel√ā¬†in the other.

The opposition came when they went to work (not just talk about it) in the midst of coming together and√ā¬†building the wall, the enemy’s opposition came quickly and it came fiercely! √ā¬†His intent was to tear down that which was being built and to confuse and demoralize the workers BUT …

“The people of God persevere in the work of God for the glory of God.”

and they did so with prayer, remembrance, a plan and by each individual ACTING, and doing so in the unified spirit of building.

See Ephesians 6:10 > regarding our need to put on the FULL ARMOR of GOD.


Memified LIES Expose Atheist Errors

Screen Shot 2016-03-27 at 21.42.00
Thumbnail of the charted atheists meme lies viewable by link in the text.

Continuing with the point of my previous post about how evil it is, to exchange the truth for a Lie…√ā¬†Dawkins #Memified Atheists ‘deliberately alter truth’

I first want to thank my atheist friend who inspired my post. She knows who she is… she was actually just one of the last of many with the same challenges. If it weren’t for her and those who are like her, I might not appreciate as much how very thankful√ā¬†I am for√ā¬†truth and love in God’s Word.. Ms. Memified as I will call her (so as not add to her embarrassment on Twitter) may have intended to change my thinking but actually helped prove that what I believe is more true than ever.

Anyone or anything that challenges us to examine what is true, honorable, righteous, pure, lovely, excellent or worthy of praise is a worthwhile endeavor IF it is done with respect, reasonableness and integrity. After all, iron sharpens iron… and sometimes sparks fly. But if the grinding wheel throws some sparks on the way to a sharpened tool, the process is beneficial,

I took her√ā¬†meme and examined√ā¬†it point by point — dissected the atheistic claims with the sword of truth. To see if something is true, examine it with something that you know is true…the BIBLE! God never changes and His Word helps us rightly divide the truth.

Here is the result:

CLICK to SEE Atheist Meme: “Biblical Ways To Kill Children” and “What God Thinks of Children”

WHY I CREDIT THIS POST TO AN ATHEIST: √ā¬†It’s a story of an atheist showing me what happens when one exchanges truth for lies.

This one particular female came at me after I posted numerous Twitter posts about the good news and joy of resurrection of Jesus.√ā¬†She started out saying Jesus never even existed. Okay so maybe she was just ignorant. But seriously, who hasn’t heard of Jesus Christ whether a believer or not? √ā¬†Then she asked me if I read the Bible because she has done extensive study of the Bible herself. To which the glaring contradiction prompted me to ask her “How is it that you say that you have studied the Bible intensely and yet you say that Jesus [central figure of the ENTIRE Bible] never existed?’ She didn’t answer that one, but diverted and chastised.

Experience has demonstrated there is an observable general #God-hater #Angry-athiest mode that some emotionally charged atheists reliably demonstrate. They typically ask “loaded” questions and grow angry very quickly. Some of the characteristic behaviors I have experienced could be summarized in a unified caricature as follows: √ā¬†“I’m just gonna hate anything relating to God and demand you prove stuff to me…Right NOW!!!!!!!…and you can’t use the Bible… oh and I will alternate between ignoring any other truths outside of the Bible if they don’t agree with MY version of truth…after all truth is relative… there is not absolute truth. “You do know you are being condescending, don’t you?” √ā¬†I will just deny or berate opposition or correction√ā¬†[criticism is their√ā¬†strong speciality] and pass my judgments [emotionally laden, fact-void] of being fiction, nonexistent, false, hateful, cruel to children, demeaning to women, enslavement√ā¬†or√ā¬†further assign various accusations as they occur to me.”

Interesting√ā¬†how the accusers demand I√ā¬†answer THEIR√ā¬†questions and then proceed to get pissy as the truth doesn’t work with their agenda. Many are also extremely impatient. Watch and see how many become angry accusers√ā¬†in about 3 tweets. Predictibly, they√ā¬†have repeatedly said: “You haven’t answered my question” “You are ignoring the question” “You can’t answer the question; it’s too hard for you.” Etc, Etc. √ā¬† It really is a facinating study of human behavior of the Godless.

Another common observable behavior is the frequent complaining and attacking people instead of issues. If someone presents an idea that they don’t agree with or prefer, watch what happens. It is a truthful statement: “if you want to see the real character of an individual, just say ‘no’ or deny him something and watch what happens.” √ā¬†What has this experience revealed about the general #AngryAtheist?√ā¬†√ā¬†Typically√ā¬†they turn a full assault on the person as stupid, cruel, or a liar. It’s yet another living example of the depravity of man who is dead in his sin.

Really it all boils down to not having LOVE of God or others. To be clear,√ā¬†I am not speaking of the “feeling” or “emotion” of love. √ā¬†I have to clarify that because so many people today are “feelings” and emotionally driven rather than principle driven and feeling experiencing. Rather I am referring to having the love we were designed by God to have and express. A powerful force that unites and grows in beauty, joy and hope. An active and powerful force that is the best there is. Love is a choice. To have or reject. Give or receive. Love is valuing others and caring for them and even being willing to suffer and die for them.

Anyway, back to the credited atheist: I was answering Ms. Memified’s questions, but growing more concerned she was appearing√ā¬†as though she√ā¬†wasn’t genuinely interested in the truth at all. Especially after saying√ā¬†she extensively studied the Bible yet she was is√ā¬†Jesus-denying and God-accusing. Can there be a√ā¬†greater dichotomy of mindset or worldview?.

I was thinking it might be time to leave her as one who has a√ā¬†reprobate mind. I was going elsewhere when this one #meme she sent caught my eye. It said ** “Biblical Ways To Kill Children” and “What God Thinks of Children” and then listed several Bible verse references beside a number of claims of “methods” for killing children. √ā¬† [addressed above]

At first glance I could recognize the lying summations. However,√ā¬†√ā¬†it was the number of totally WRONG BIBLE VERSES√ā¬†she cited and the misinterpretations that were√ā¬†glaringly obvious! The very first one about tying stones around children necks and drowning them was a loud alarm. Could an assumed intelligent person really believe that parents should eat their children.√ā¬†What?! IF she is such a profoundly studious examiner of the Bible that she claims she is, WHY√ā¬†is she sending out this garbage dumpster full of lies about Bible Scripture?!

That degree of shocking behavior is what prompted this post. So you see I do owe it to an atheist.

If #memified and #angry√ā¬†#atheists√ā¬†have gotten these few verses so abhorrently wrong . . . and uses these lies as their basis for knowledge and understanding … where are they headed? and what good is there?