Memified LIES Expose Atheist Errors

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Thumbnail of the charted atheists meme lies viewable by link in the text.

Continuing with the point of my previous post about how evil it is, to exchange the truth for a Lie… Dawkins #Memified Atheists ‘deliberately alter truth’

I first want to thank my atheist friend who inspired my post. She knows who she is… she was actually just one of the last of many with the same challenges. If it weren’t for her and those who are like her, I might not appreciate as much how very thankful I am for truth and love in God’s Word.. Ms. Memified as I will call her (so as not add to her embarrassment on Twitter) may have intended to change my thinking but actually helped prove that what I believe is more true than ever.

Anyone or anything that challenges us to examine what is true, honorable, righteous, pure, lovely, excellent or worthy of praise is a worthwhile endeavor IF it is done with respect, reasonableness and integrity. After all, iron sharpens iron… and sometimes sparks fly. But if the grinding wheel throws some sparks on the way to a sharpened tool, the process is beneficial,

I took her meme and examined it point by point — dissected the atheistic claims with the sword of truth. To see if something is true, examine it with something that you know is true…the BIBLE! God never changes and His Word helps us rightly divide the truth.

Here is the result:

CLICK to SEE Atheist Meme: “Biblical Ways To Kill Children” and “What God Thinks of Children”

WHY I CREDIT THIS POST TO AN ATHEIST:  It’s a story of an atheist showing me what happens when one exchanges truth for lies.

This one particular female came at me after I posted numerous Twitter posts about the good news and joy of resurrection of Jesus. She started out saying Jesus never even existed. Okay so maybe she was just ignorant. But seriously, who hasn’t heard of Jesus Christ whether a believer or not?  Then she asked me if I read the Bible because she has done extensive study of the Bible herself. To which the glaring contradiction prompted me to ask her “How is it that you say that you have studied the Bible intensely and yet you say that Jesus [central figure of the ENTIRE Bible] never existed?’ She didn’t answer that one, but diverted and chastised.

Experience has demonstrated there is an observable general #God-hater #Angry-athiest mode that some emotionally charged atheists reliably demonstrate. They typically ask “loaded” questions and grow angry very quickly. Some of the characteristic behaviors I have experienced could be summarized in a unified caricature as follows:  “I’m just gonna hate anything relating to God and demand you prove stuff to me…Right NOW!!!!!!!…and you can’t use the Bible… oh and I will alternate between ignoring any other truths outside of the Bible if they don’t agree with MY version of truth…after all truth is relative… there is not absolute truth. “You do know you are being condescending, don’t you?”  I will just deny or berate opposition or correction [criticism is their strong speciality] and pass my judgments [emotionally laden, fact-void] of being fiction, nonexistent, false, hateful, cruel to children, demeaning to women, enslavement or further assign various accusations as they occur to me.”

Interesting how the accusers demand I answer THEIR questions and then proceed to get pissy as the truth doesn’t work with their agenda. Many are also extremely impatient. Watch and see how many become angry accusers in about 3 tweets. Predictibly, they have repeatedly said: “You haven’t answered my question” “You are ignoring the question” “You can’t answer the question; it’s too hard for you.” Etc, Etc.   It really is a facinating study of human behavior of the Godless.

Another common observable behavior is the frequent complaining and attacking people instead of issues. If someone presents an idea that they don’t agree with or prefer, watch what happens. It is a truthful statement: “if you want to see the real character of an individual, just say ‘no’ or deny him something and watch what happens.”  What has this experience revealed about the general #AngryAtheist?  Typically they turn a full assault on the person as stupid, cruel, or a liar. It’s yet another living example of the depravity of man who is dead in his sin.

Really it all boils down to not having LOVE of God or others. To be clear, I am not speaking of the “feeling” or “emotion” of love.  I have to clarify that because so many people today are “feelings” and emotionally driven rather than principle driven and feeling experiencing. Rather I am referring to having the love we were designed by God to have and express. A powerful force that unites and grows in beauty, joy and hope. An active and powerful force that is the best there is. Love is a choice. To have or reject. Give or receive. Love is valuing others and caring for them and even being willing to suffer and die for them.

Anyway, back to the credited atheist: I was answering Ms. Memified’s questions, but growing more concerned she was appearing as though she wasn’t genuinely interested in the truth at all. Especially after saying she extensively studied the Bible yet she was is Jesus-denying and God-accusing. Can there be a greater dichotomy of mindset or worldview?.

I was thinking it might be time to leave her as one who has a reprobate mind. I was going elsewhere when this one #meme she sent caught my eye. It said ** “Biblical Ways To Kill Children” and “What God Thinks of Children” and then listed several Bible verse references beside a number of claims of “methods” for killing children.   [addressed above]

At first glance I could recognize the lying summations. However,  it was the number of totally WRONG BIBLE VERSES she cited and the misinterpretations that were glaringly obvious! The very first one about tying stones around children necks and drowning them was a loud alarm. Could an assumed intelligent person really believe that parents should eat their children. What?! IF she is such a profoundly studious examiner of the Bible that she claims she is, WHY is she sending out this garbage dumpster full of lies about Bible Scripture?!

That degree of shocking behavior is what prompted this post. So you see I do owe it to an atheist.

If #memified and #angry #atheists have gotten these few verses so abhorrently wrong . . . and uses these lies as their basis for knowledge and understanding … where are they headed? and what good is there?


The Wonders of Christmas


As Christmas is just now officially arriving at midnight I wish you a WONDER FILLED Christmas! Not just an occasion for gift giving and receiving, singing and feasting, but a really marvelous time of being caught up in the wonder of Christmas. I wish for you, and your entire family, the kind of wonder that is displayed in this photo (thanks Isha S.).  Do you see the beautiful blend of delight and awe, curiosity and joy that is seen as this young child reaches out for the Christmas tree ornament? THAT is the kind of Christmas I wish for you!!

Delight in the love and merriment of gathering our families and friends together. Awe at the fact that God; the Almighty Creator of Heaven, Earth and everything, sent His only son to earth that we might receive forgiveness and mercy and be allowed to have an everlasting relationship with Him.

The curious excitement at exploring the many sights, sounds, foods and traditions that accompany this special time of celebration. And finally the JOY, pure bliss, of learning that it is not our ability to buy loads of gifts, or give the best presents that make Christmas so very special. It is not the things that make this time most memorable. Rather, I have learned in the leanest of times, in the poorest of health, even when we don’t have the time and energy to participate in a lot of different activities that the modern world thinks typify Christmas celebrations; it is even at the darkest of times, that we come to learn Christmas is NOT about things… it’s about people.

Most importantly, as we center around the true meaning of Christmas, we learn that Jesus was more than just some baby born in a stable over two thousand years ago. Jesus demonstrated what Christmas is all about. It’s about giving of ourselves. Even in the poorest of surroundings, when it looks as though we have nothing of value to give, there remains this truth. There is no greater gift than giving ourselves for the sake of others.

So for those friends of mine who must rest up for three days to be able to have enough energy to be able to even attend a gathering of family for a few hours (and then need another day or two to recover), I say, “rest up. For your just being there is a great gift to your loved ones.” To those who are so very sad or depressed because the lack of sunshine or the reminders of dear ones who have passed on are causing your emotions to weigh heavy upon your spirit, I say, “take heart. Your loved ones love you; sadness included. Get dressed, chin up, and get out that door to your friend’s or families gathering. Allow yourself the grace of knowing that your emotions may be down, but that your heart and soul may be uplifted simply by purposing to go out and partake in the wonder of Christmas.”

You see, if God can take the form of a tiny helpless human child for the sake of bringing hope to others, we can follow this example. It cost Jesus greatly to forgo the ultimate bliss of heaven and enter into our world. Yet, because He did, we have been given the greatest gift of having our sins forgiven and an eternal relationship with the Holy God who created us and wants so much to have a good relationship with us that He sent His only son Jesus to accomplish this for us. He was an example of how to give of ourselves for the sake of others. And when we do give of ourselves it always costs us something. Yet, in so doing we receive back many more blessings than we could have even imagined.

Christmas joy and wonder are so very simple. . . it is in looking around you . . . intentionally opening your eyes to see the many beautiful things that God created, gives and shares with us. Just look at the children. Jesus Himself valued the simple way in which a child comes to understand his world; how they come to faith in Jesus. “Let the Children come to Me,” Jesus commanded as adults tried to keep them away from Him. Everyone knows that it is so much more fun to celebrate Christmas with a child in the home. The bubbly excitement, the many questions, the laughter and wide-eyed awe that are seen with children are good reminders for all of us to get back to the basics of what Christmas is all about.

As Christmas 2013 is now officially here, I wish you a Christmas filled to overflowing with the love that Jesus Christ brought to us that very first Christmas. May you discover it first-hand and then dare to share what you’ve found with others, so that your joy (and theirs) may be multiplied many times over as God’s presence fills the missing void. “Glory to God is the Highest!” the angels proclaimed on that first Christmas. Let us join in that song, now and forever.


Happy Birthday Jesus! O’ what a wonder you are!

Shepherds and wise men, paupers and kings;

all who would follow the star.


Coming as helpless babe. Your life for us to give.

Humble or sickly, poor or common;

ANY who sought you could live.


We celebrate you Jesus! All else put asunder.

Lights, gifts and presents, music and gatherings

YOU are the source of ALL wonder.


“For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son, that whosoever believes in Him, shall not perish, but have everlasting life.” — John 3:16    The truth is so simple. Have you believed?

I pray that you, dear reader, will discover the deepest and sweetest sense of wonder yet known to man . . . may you discover the sweet gift of Emmanuel ( God with us ) . . . Jesus Christ who came to be the Light of the World, the Prince of Peace, and should you choose, your Lord and Savior. Merry Christmas!

Worn Out and In Danger

Please join me in another blast of prayer for little Baby Jonah Silverberg and his dear family. He is going to be only 13 weeks tomorrow and has been having one life-threatening occurrence after another taking a toll not only on his physical body but on his family and caretakers as well. It has been a roller-coaster of emotions as this 4th child to a family of Christian missionaries in the Bronx fights for his life while his parents also struggle to meet the needs of the rest of the family, home, ministry and their own emotional, physical and spiritual needs.

God has shown us great miracles in the fact that little Jonah has lived through all that he has. This tiny child has literally been brought back from death’s doorway via heart attacks and breathing problems… he’s endured high fevers, poor breathing, digestion, and brain wave activity… it’s truly amazing!

If you are new to Baby Jonah’s plight, please just search “Baby Jonah” even in this site’s search box and you can read how very much this family has endured. God is faithful all the way along, and we may not understand what is being accomplished by all of this. However, of this one thing we can be sure: God is, always has been, and will always be…IN CONTROL!

Dear Praying Family,
Jonah’s condition has taken another turn for the worse.
His Sepsis infection has returned, he is running a fever,
his central line is infected, and he is generally doing very poorly.
3 attempts were made to put in a new line, all failed.
The cardiac team does not want a line put in his upper body,
as they still hold out hope for the next round of surgeries to
save Jonah’s life. Upper body lines would eliminate the chance for
such future surgeries. The team meets today to discuss what to do.
Jonah is still unable to digest nutrients, and is on the ventilator attached to his
trach tube.
We are very worn out as well.
Thank you for your continued faithful prayers.
Jonah will be 13 weeks old tomorrow.
In Christ’s Love,
Marty for Val
on the 24th after his Trach tube surgery
“Dear Praying Family,
Trach surgery went well. Jonah continues to recover from it. Please continue in prayer for him and the rest of our family. We are hoping and praying for him to recover from this surgery, and his sepsis infection. Then we hope to find out why he is not digesting any nutrients. It has been suggested that his G-tube, for feeding is leaking.
Thank you so very much.”
In Christ’s Love,
Marty for Val


All of this has been such a long trial. Please join me in praying for God’s best to be evident. That the most awesome glory go to God while the wonders He has wrought through this little one’s life testify to His love for every detail of every heart beat, breath and movement. Of course, I am asking for Jonah’s physical comfort and healing, but also his emotional peace. I cannot imagine! Does he get to be cuddled at all with all the tubes? I pray so. I know that Val has made every effort to be at his side as much as possible and is surely having physical contact with him.

I am asking specifically for prayer for Jonah’s mother and father, Val and Marty Silverberg. How very hard it must be to see there little one in distress. I am also asking that as you look at your own family gathered around the dinner table, or as you read them a bedtime story and tuck them into bed; or as you simply hold them in your lap close to your chest — will you not send a great prayer of thanksgiving for the precious gift that you have been given in that child(ren)?

Now, will you also lift up a heart-felt prayer for Jonah’s older brothers and sister? These children haven’t gotten to even play with their little brother, but in their limited child-like understanding, have to come to terms with “we don’t know”. His older sister Shakinah is especially sensitive to the precarious uncertainties of her little brother’s future.