Feel The Pain Baby

I  just received this update on baby Jonah:

From the Silverbergs (Missionaries in New York)

This is another update from a family whose baby is fighting for his life after some intense heart surgery. See previous postings for more information and join us in prayer!

Dear Praying Family,

I just found out from Val what happened to Jonah on Saturday, as I was unable to get to the hospital because I was caring for Josh. Val thought she told me,but she didn’t.

Aparently, when being moved for a cat scan to check his brain function, Jonah, “coded”. He went into cardiac arrest, could not be revived with the paddles, and had no vital signs for some time. They did eventually revive him.
Thus, they are afraid to move him again, so they have taken him off pain medication to hope he feels pain and reacts. If he does not react, he could have irreversable and severe brain damage, or no brain function at all.

Please pray with us. It sounds terrible, but we hope he reacts to pain, and not just feel it.

In Christ’s Love,
Marty for Val

So dear praying friends, you can see several prayer needs here:
•that someone could care for sibling Josh so that both parents can get to the hospital;
•great physical needs for baby Jonah;
•guard the health of Val & Marty, give them supernatural peace
•wisdom, insight and skill of medical staff
•Godwilling, a miracle so profound that God receives great glory and observers come to faith and spiritual growth
•that they all are comforted by love & support of our prayers.

Please take this time to let them know that you are praying; let us shower them with the love of God. Please add a comment, Bible verse, or whatever encouragement that you feel lead to post for them.

I created this edited photo of Baby Jonah as an encouragement and entitled it “Showers of Prayers for Baby Jonah”.

Prayer for Baby Jonah’s Life

I am posting this email prayer request on my page so that everyone can get details. Please join me in praying for this family! Plus any comments that you leave would be a blessing to them. For I know that I have many praying friends.

Our missionaries in New York!
Sent: Saturday, January 08, 2011 7:00 PM
Subject: Baby Jonah Silverberg Fighting for His Life

Dear Praying family,

We are so thankful to the Lord because we have you, who love us so much and are praying for us. We are endeavoring to put together a prayer list, after a long time and many computer crashes. Some of you have already received some of this info. Here is a summary.

On Tuesday, Dec. 28th, Valerie went into labor. We were snowed in from Sunday’s storm. Not one plow had come down our bock yet, and we could not get her to the hospital. EMS couldn’t help. By God’s Grace we were able to get a cab. Val had to walk to the main Ave. and go by herself, as I stayed with the children. Val had a C-section delivery.

The surgical team was a assembled one week later on Tuesday, Jan.4th, and began early in the morning what turned out to be over 12 hours of open heart surgery.
They redesigned Jonah’s Aorta and Pulmonary Artery, so he could have a chance to live 6 more months, when hopefully he will undergo another open heart surgery.
That night, Jonah went into Cardiac arrest 2 times and was revived with the paddles both times. Jonah then began retaining fluid at a life threatening pace.

By Thursday night, it was determined he had a blockage and under went another open heart surgery. They found his Superior Vena cava to be narrowed and performed a surgery to widen it. Since then, Jonah has had several episodes of life threatening blood pressure drops, but he made it thru.
Please continue to pray for him. His condition is extremely critical. His chest remains open, as he is so bloated, the wound cannot be closed.
Another surgery is still a possibility as well. The chance of infection with his chest like this is very high. He must drain fluid, but slowly. He is still alive, and we are thankful to the Lord for this. Please pray for Val and I, as we are exhausted, and trying to keep up with all that needs to be done.

In Christ’s Love, with gratitude,
Marty for Val

Imperfect Perfection

qv_report_cardYou know what?  I am NOT perfect. Surprise!  Yet, one of my personal struggles is with the character defect of perfectionism. I could even go so far to say that it is a sin, but I don’t know that I chose so much to act this way as it is a natural bent that has plagued my Type A, constantly pushing for the best, way of doing things.

Either way I see it as both a blessing and a curse. On the one hand I can say that this perfectionism has given me the “eye” for detail. I can generally tell with a quick glance if something is amiss, awry or off-kilter. This especially comes in handy when I am rendering a drawing or painting that is realistic. It also gives those I work for the assurance that I am going to give great attention to the accuracy and detail of a job. I am by nature highly motivated, driven to do the best I can, and determined to see a task through to the end.

So what’s the downside? I am the most critical of my own work. It was so bad when I was younger that I couldn’t keep any of my own paintings because I would look at it and see something that was a bit off or could have been done better. As a runner, I would always strive to go further, go faster. As a daughter, wife or friend I would do everything to be the “best”.  Oh, I was what some would call an overachiever, a competitor that didn’t know when to quit. Why? Because, I felt that my best was NEVER good enough.

It was in college, working for the Department of Graphic Communications Chair (he was also a perfectionist) that I learned a bit of a trick in fighting this troubling trait. He told me, “If the client likes it, it is good enough.”  Never mind that you think it would be better this way, in these colors or whatever. If my job is to produce a piece that the client likes, then the moment he says “that’s good,” it IS good. Period.

Wow!  What a revelation. Just by proclaiming something good, it IS good. There really is such a thing as “Good Enough”.  What a concept.

As I am currently struggling with some physical challenges right now, I have been forced to look at the increased frustrations and disappointment associated with the realization that I simply cannot do what “normal” people can expect to do. Nor, even, what I could do myself in years previous. I am starting to have those thoughts of not measuring up. Maybe those who used to love me will tire of me and discard me as “a problem” or “broken” and unable to be “fixed”.

However, these are feelings that I cannot trust. These feelings would have me believe that I am what I do; that it is my performance that determines my worth. You know what I am learning? (Not that I have attained a full working degree of mastery here, yet).  I am learning that these thoughts based on feeling are untrustworthy. Lies!

My value really is not based on what I can or cannot do. It is not based on quotas of projects completed, grades, money earned or invested. It is not based on if my hair is styled just so, or if I am wearing the latest clothing fashion. My value is not even determined on if my husband or child is pleased with my cooking or even if they are angry with me.

No. None of that is the real basis of my value. What I believe to be true as I study my Bible (if only my feelings would grasp that truth more) is that my value comes not from what I DO, or to what degree of perfection I perform, but from WHOSE I am.

I believe wholeheartedly in the Truth of God’s Word which declares I am a child of God. He loved me even when I was at my all time, absolute, disgustingly worst. When I came to acknowledge my absolute inability to even approach anywhere near a degree of perfection when it came to dealing with such an awesome and Holy God, I all but melted away.

It was then, at my most imperfect, that God lifted my face to look into His. He invited my broken spirit to be mended by His Holy Spirit.  He let the love of Jesus Christ do the perfecting for me. WOW!!

Right now, as I struggle related to chronic pain, fatigue and even Foreign Accent Syndrome I must face the fact that these are major hurdles that are guaranteed to keep me from normal goals of excellence. In working with these difficulties  I am finding that nasty old bent toward perfectionism rearing it’s ugly head again. This time, thanks to God’s promises which sustain me, I am learning to say, “Yes. I am a failure. Yes, I have messed up. Yes, I cannot do this under my own power.”

These very thoughts that in the past were used to try to depress me to the point of being totally ineffective are now the very same thoughts that I can accept and answer. “Though each one of those accusations is true. All those imperfections are present in me…but..’I AM doing my best. And (here is the real gem)… GOD LOVES ME ANYWAY!”

This really is too wonderful for me to understand. It is not by denying my failures, or pretending they do not exist, that I find peace. Rather, it is by embracing the fact that it is despite my imperfections that I can enjoy the bliss of perfect love and acceptance of my Blessed Savior.  SELAH.

Do you know this peace too? It really is perfect.