Don’t Know What to Say (Pray)

I was about to go to bed when I checked my inbox one more time and received this sad news relating to Baby Jonah!

Here is what Marty wrote:

Dear Praying Family,
Tests revealed Jonah’s Pulmonary veins, those that were rerouted 7 weeks ago and attached to his heart, are collapsing. Thus, when off the ventilator, he cannot breathe.
Doctors told Val that it is only a matter of time before they completely collapse, and he will die.
How much time is not known.
We still hold out hope. We hope the surgeon who did the operation will still have one more option to try.
We hope the Lord will have one more miracle for us.
Thank you for your continued prayers.
In Christ’s Love,
Marty for Val

Now I am wide awake in prayer for this dear family. The three siblings have not really been able to spend much time at all with Jonah. Marty and Val have been going through ongoing anguish of watching their littlest child struggle to overcome incredible health hurdles. With the latest prognosis, the Silverbergs need our encouragement all the more.

As for my reaction to this traumatic news? “Wow”! Two months young, and this tiny baby has been through so very much. Looking back at all the postings I’ve done of his status updates doesn’t really allow us to appreciate the magnitude of the challenges faced, nor the intensity of the prayers offered up on Jonah’s behalf.

And as variable as our concerns and prayers have been, there is one thing that slows down the inevitable emotional roller-coaster of such an on-going trial. That one thing is not really a “thing” at all …rather…a person. Additionally the term “person” cannot adequately even describe the absolutely awesome God who holds all things in existance. The Almighty has never once turned away from what is happening here.

Our mortal minds are not even capable of understanding “why” God allows certain things that seem so awful to happen, yet there is this “surpassing peace” that remains. God’s grace to us amidst our darkest trials remains … We cling to the steadfast truth of God’s Word which is His way of revealing Himself to us.

GOD IS LOVE ! As such, He is the very essence of love. He loves us more than we can fathom. I cherish that knowledge!! At such a time as this I rely on that fact to help me trust that as observers of Baby Jonahs gigantic struggles, I believe God protects that tiny body from some of the pain we believe he is feeling. I can pray for God’s will and not my own to be done, because my request for something might accidentally not be in the best interest of Jonah or his family.

Therefore, as difficult as it is to know how to pray… As much as I want to encourage Marty, Val and their family after being told that Jonah will most likely not survive this — I realize that saying “I don’t know WHAT to say,” is actually a profound utterance.

It admits to myself, to the subjects of my concern and prayers, as well as to The Almighty to whom I direct those prayers, “I have no power here. I would like everything to be fine, but I am incapable of doing anything but rely on the foundation of my faith…God Himself!

One of my favorite verses in the Bible is Romans 8:26-27 that says:
 26 In the same way the Spirit also helps our weakness; for we do not know how to pray as we should, but the Spirit Himself intercedes for us with groanings too deep for words;
 27and He who searches the hearts knows what the mind of the Spirit is, because He intercedes for the saints according to the will of God.

I think that is so comforting!! Even when I can’t find the words, God even provides the interpretations of my groanings into an eloquent petition before The Sovereign God!! Amazing! Then there is the often quoted twentyeighth verse:

 28And we KNOW that God causes ALL things to work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose. {emphasis added}

This does assure me that things that seem to me to be “bad” may actually be viewed in a different perspective. It is like in the Book of Genesis in the Bible when Joseph stated to his brothers years after they sold him into slavery, “what you meant as harm, God intended for good”.

These are just some of the thoughts that I wanted to share with you as I am praying about this entire situation that the Silverbergs are in. My heart aches for Little Jonah and his entire family (even the medical staff who are battling right alongside him). But, I am only human and want to wave a wand to make everything fine. I try to “make sense of it all”. However, I realize that is vanity and chasing after wind. After all: what person could comprehend the ways of The Almighty?

Therefore, I offer you Beloved this:
I do not know what to say. Yet, I will proclaim that God is Love and has His best in store for them. And those “them” is us (those of us who have confessed & repented of our sins and applied the saving grace that God freely gives to all who will believe in the Redeemer Jesus Christ)!

One last thing–
Would YOU (yes YOU) please take a moment to share from your heart in the comment section whatever you feel led to write. I believe God can use YOU and ME to use this opportunity to display some of God’s love to our brothers and sisters.

Remember, you are even saying SOMETHING with “I don’t know what to say.” <3

Feel The Pain Baby

I  just received this update on baby Jonah:

From the Silverbergs (Missionaries in New York)

This is another update from a family whose baby is fighting for his life after some intense heart surgery. See previous postings for more information and join us in prayer!

Dear Praying Family,

I just found out from Val what happened to Jonah on Saturday, as I was unable to get to the hospital because I was caring for Josh. Val thought she told me,but she didn’t.

Aparently, when being moved for a cat scan to check his brain function, Jonah, “coded”. He went into cardiac arrest, could not be revived with the paddles, and had no vital signs for some time. They did eventually revive him.
Thus, they are afraid to move him again, so they have taken him off pain medication to hope he feels pain and reacts. If he does not react, he could have irreversable and severe brain damage, or no brain function at all.

Please pray with us. It sounds terrible, but we hope he reacts to pain, and not just feel it.

In Christ’s Love,
Marty for Val

So dear praying friends, you can see several prayer needs here:
•that someone could care for sibling Josh so that both parents can get to the hospital;
•great physical needs for baby Jonah;
•guard the health of Val & Marty, give them supernatural peace
•wisdom, insight and skill of medical staff
•Godwilling, a miracle so profound that God receives great glory and observers come to faith and spiritual growth
•that they all are comforted by love & support of our prayers.

Please take this time to let them know that you are praying; let us shower them with the love of God. Please add a comment, Bible verse, or whatever encouragement that you feel lead to post for them.

I created this edited photo of Baby Jonah as an encouragement and entitled it “Showers of Prayers for Baby Jonah”.

A Hearts Prayer

Dear Friends reading this blog,

Carefully Crafted

Please PLEASE join me in fervent prayer on behalf of Baby Jonah and his sweet family who are missionaries in New York right now. Here is a letter explaining:

  Special Prayer Request 11/24/2010
The following email was sent to us from Marty Silverburg. He and his wife Val are missionaries in New York City. They received difficult news regarding their unborn baby and are asking us to pray.

“We are asking for prayer from our mission family.
Here is an update on our situation, and it is not good news. Tuesdays echo cardiogram revealed a segmented aorta, which is a serious problem. With the right ventricle not formed, this is not unexpected. There also may be serious problems with 2 important veins which go to the heart. This is in addition to the transposed major arteries an unformed right ventricle, and leaking left ventricle. There is now also a buildup of fluid around the babies ( Jonah ) heart.

Val was told she will be monitored weekly and may have to have emergency C- section at any moment. Today she received a steroid shot to help the babies lungs, and will receive another tomorrow. Our lives are in total disruption right now. We have no one to help out w/ the children. We are also not prepared for what might occur, as we thought we had more time to make arrangements.

Thank you all very much for your prayers. We do trust that our Lord is in control.”
In Christ’s Love,

So please let us keep Marty, Val and tiny Jonah (as well as his siblings) in prayer. For little Jonah’s broken heart can be a source of brokenheartedness or a point of rallying together in Christian love. Let us send that love heavenward in prayer and horizontally among the people of God as we come to show the love and hope that only comes from our reliance on God.

As we assemble for Thanksgiving family gatherings to celebrate the innumerable blessings that God has bestowed upon each of us, our family will have an additional time of special prayer for this sweet family. For there are few greater blessings than our family.

If you would be kind enough to add your comments of encouragement to this blog post, I will make sure they get them.