Laughter is the Best Medicine, Right?

This morning I was interviewed by our local Indianapolis radio station WIBC. Big Joe and Terri Stacey have both seen and talked with me at radio events in the past, so they know that this new voice is not my regular voice. They are as facinated by this strange occurence as I am.

This foreign accent syndrome is so quite an interesting phenomena!!  There are many different videos about it on YouTube even tho it is so rare as to have only 100 people in the world with it. Apparently, it is so rare that not many regular doctors have heard about it before either.

They asked if I would come on the morning show with them to discuss this recent verbal U-turn in my life and I was more than happy to. I can think of nothing better than to share this rare occurance with my friends and neighbors over the 50,000 watts (or however big an area it is now), so that more people are made aware.

Also, as it is happening to me, I totally trust these dear radio personalities, because I have seen the love in their hearts for the community expressed over and over again. So I trust them to ask me whatever they want and I will answer it! They both are witty as well, so we can also have fun and laugh a bit, so as not to get bogged down with some kind of gravity of the situation. It is out of my control. I do NOT know if I will get my regular voice back, or if I will be continuing to sound like a world traveler that has never really gone anywhere.

This interview was a very good one — balancing out the bizareness with the scientific wonder as well as keeping it light with humor. Way to go Terri and Joe   click this link to listen>> .wibcinterview090526