A Hearts Prayer

Dear Friends reading this blog,

Carefully Crafted

Please PLEASE join me in fervent prayer on behalf of Baby Jonah and his sweet family who are missionaries in New York right now. Here is a letter explaining:

  Special Prayer Request 11/24/2010
The following email was sent to us from Marty Silverburg. He and his wife Val are missionaries in New York City. They received difficult news regarding their unborn baby and are asking us to pray.

“We are asking for prayer from our mission family.
Here is an update on our situation, and it is not good news. Tuesdays echo cardiogram revealed a segmented aorta, which is a serious problem. With the right ventricle not formed, this is not unexpected. There also may be serious problems with 2 important veins which go to the heart. This is in addition to the transposed major arteries an unformed right ventricle, and leaking left ventricle. There is now also a buildup of fluid around the babies ( Jonah ) heart.

Val was told she will be monitored weekly and may have to have emergency C- section at any moment. Today she received a steroid shot to help the babies lungs, and will receive another tomorrow. Our lives are in total disruption right now. We have no one to help out w/ the children. We are also not prepared for what might occur, as we thought we had more time to make arrangements.

Thank you all very much for your prayers. We do trust that our Lord is in control.”
In Christ’s Love,

So please let us keep Marty, Val and tiny Jonah (as well as his siblings) in prayer. For little Jonah’s broken heart can be a source of brokenheartedness or a point of rallying together in Christian love. Let us send that love heavenward in prayer and horizontally among the people of God as we come to show the love and hope that only comes from our reliance on God.

As we assemble for Thanksgiving family gatherings to celebrate the innumerable blessings that God has bestowed upon each of us, our family will have an additional time of special prayer for this sweet family. For there are few greater blessings than our family.

If you would be kind enough to add your comments of encouragement to this blog post, I will make sure they get them.