Sensitivity and Numbness.

It is interesting that God seems to be using “numbness” to teach me “sensitivity”.
Sensitivity to His plans being more important than mine. Submission and asking for advise and help must be used when my own decisions are unpredictable.

My family and close friends know that I’ve been having greater word finding problems as well as poor decision making, memory, org. skills. Now it has escalated to include some other problems that I can’t ignore as being a flare up of Chronic Fatigue.

Yesterday, fatigue was horrible, severe headache and then 4:30ish numbness in lips and rt. side of face, stiffness in neck increased and went from just numbness/tingling thick feeling to sometimes burning.

This morning, I woke up to spreading of numbness down my rt arm.
RATS! God really wants my attention here I think.

I’ve just finished wrestling with myself to submit to God’s plan of not relying on my own understanding, which is clearly failing when decision making is so cruddy. I sought outside advise. It actually looks like I’m going to have to do the unthinkable and forego my fun plans for this glorious sunny day to plant and do gardening with my daughter. I was really looking forward to that more than you know. Instead wisdom says I need to go to ER.

I’m pretty bummed about that, but it is the “right” thing to do. I must be able to rule out stroke vs. just some kind of pinched or inflamed nerves. My family dr. said it’s up to me whether I go into ER or not! Thanks for no help there Doc. Seriously, he said he couldn’t diagnose over the phone, but nurse recommends that since its involving mental stuff, probably not just a pinched nerve. So she suggests I go ahead and go into the ER.

Other friend said better go in cuz no matter what, something is definitely wrong..

So I must forgo one of my favorite activities to go sit for hours in ER. Grrr!
Please pray for the situation. Tho’ I’m not happy about this, I can do nothing but what I believe to be right and trust that I am in God’s loving care no matter what.

My Title of this blog post is a great start off for a spiritual illustration that is brewing in my mind, but I am afraid that it will have to wait; I’m going to the ER now.