Know Your Dog

(Click on image to enlarge) One of the things that we strive to do in Warren Waggers 4-H Dog Club is to help you to know your dog better. Today we will be looking at the different body parts of your dogs. I am posting a copy of an illustration from your 4-H Wiggles and Wags Handbook here for you to be able to help memorize the body parts on a dog.


Club Officers for our Waggers 4-H Dog Club will be tallied this Thursday at club.
If you have a conflict and cannot attend club, OR if you just wish to vote before club time you can also let a leader know by 1 pm Wednesday.

Each clubber will receive one ballot and should vote for a person to hold one office. In other words, do not vote for the same person to hold more than one office. Of course it is acceptable for you to vote for yourself in the position you’d most like to accept.

Here is a brief description of the offices and their responsibilities.

President– regularly runs meetings.
Start meeting on time & run according to schedule.

Vice-president– assists president, lead pledges. Recruit demonstrations.

Secretary– takes attendance, announces calendar events, notes “meeting summary”. Gets familiar with paperwork filing of the club papers (Ellen will oversee that part).

Treasurer– keeps monetary record, reminds people of money related items. Adult help will be provided.

Sergeant of Arms– facilities: set up & clean up. Chairs, tables, flags, posters, handouts, etc.

Hospitality– welcome guests and coordinate any refreshments. Make sure we have hand sanitizer, napkins, plates, cups, etc. Recruit volunteers and give reminders.

Historian– create/keep scrapbook; use a three ringed binder to keep a record of our year. Be creative with photos, fliers, notes (secretary can help). It is important to be neat and as complete as possible, as this record will stay with the club for future reference to history.
As an officer it is important to come to club early if possible so that you are ready to fulfill your duties. You will be a representative of what it is to be responsible young 4-H leader. So be a good example not only to our club, but to others you meet. My goal is to be at club at 6 p.m. so you can arrive anytime after that. That is also a good time to come to club early if any clubber has need for additional information (like missed previous week).

Don’t worry about uncertainties of your office. As a club leader I will make sure you are equipped and help you in any way possible. You will get the hang of it, develop skills as you serve in your office and be good at it. 🙂

As officer you are chiefly responsible for your duties, however — you may ask for help from others. One of the greatest characteristics about our club is the willingness of fellow clubbers and even adults to offer help. Just ask for help when you need it, or offer it when you have it to give.

I am very excited about our 2010 Warren Waggers 4-H Club Year.
Now vote for who you believe to best fulfill the office.
We will announce the results at the end of club on Thursday (4-15).


President: Shelby Trees, Erin Lego,

Vice President: Kiersten Tuggle, Melissa Miller, Allissa Arnold

Secretary: Matthew Uhrig, James Reed

Treasurer: James Reed , Mackenzie Carr , Shelby Trees

Sgt. of Arms: Erin Lego, Shelby Trees, James Reed

Hospitality: Melissa Miller, Shelby Trees, Kiersten Tuggle, Shelby Cleek, Erin Lego, James Reed

Historian: Shelby Trees, Erin Lego, Melissa Miller

If you are voting early send your ballot selections to [email protected]
BEFORE 1 P.M. of this Thursday.

Can My Dog Come?

“Can my dog come to dog club?” That is a question that I have been asked repeatedly. Here is the answer.

In order for your dog to attend our Warren Waggers 4-H Dog Club the following must be true:

* the clubber is (or is in the process of getting) registered as a 4-H member with Marion County. NEW MEMBERS need to leave their dog at home for at least their first meeting.

* the animal is healthy: Current on required vaccinations (you need to be able to prove it with vet papers, so keep a copy of papers with you), dog is not “in season”, and mustn’t show fleas or other communicable malady. Returning members may utilize last years vet paper for first few meetings IF shots are still current to allow for vet visit. Please have current year 4-H Vaccination Form completed & signed by your vet by May 15! 

* Dog’s age – the animal will be at least six months old at show time. Dogs under one year must not jump in agility. 

* Dog’s Behavior – a dog that the leaders deem as a danger to any other person or animal may not attend club. Dogs which have excessively disruptive behavior may be pulled aside for additional behavioral training.

There you have it. I hope that helps make it clear for you. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.